Alberti String Quartet

Alberti String Quartet

This chamber music group rises from the connection between North and South of Spain, being its point of convergence the Ducth musical scene, where all the members of this quartet met for the first time: Víctor Flores Silva and Ángela Moya Domínguez (violins), Gabriel Hernández Dionis (viola) y Celia Torres Ruiz (violonchelo).

The same way that Rafael Alberti (Spanish poet who lived during the Twentieth Century) created his distinctive literary style mixing the experience of migration during his exile with the Populism and Tradition, covered by different kinds of pictorial influences of the Surrealism, Alberti String Quartet is a mixture of diverse backgrounds like jazz, pop, historical performance, folk or Alexander technique, being classical music its starting point as well as the base of its academic training.

The common interest of the members of Alberti and their cultural roots take them to make a special submergence into the Spanish repertoire for string quartet: Arriaga, Toldrá, Turina Bretón or De Falla are some of the composers that inspired Alberti to let the Dutch audience taste the Spanish flavour.

From 2017 Alberti String Quartet collaborates with the Foundation Muziek in Huis, giving concerts all around The Netherlands. From 2019 the string quartet is part of the jazz nonet @Chamber9, playing music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

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