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Sanna van Vliet – vocals
Axel Hagen – guitar, arrangements
Olaf Tarenskeen – guitar
Thomas Winther Andersen – bass
Joan Terol Amigó – drums
Víctor Flores – violin
Ángela Moya – violin
Estela Briceño Mezquita – viola
Cèlia Torres Ruíz – cello

Chamber9 is an ensemble founded in 2019. The ensemble consists of 9 musicians, including 2 guitars, jazz vocals, string quartet and rhythm section. The sensuous and elegant combination of ‘modern’ and ‘classical’ string instruments highlights their luscious beauty and warmth in harmonically rich arrangements, supported by a hard swinging rhythm section with on top the vocal power of Sanna van Vliet.

Chamber9 has a unique sound and vision on the musical material they present. A somewhat classicist approach in form and expression is counterbalanced by the excitingly modern use of instrumental colors and choice of individuals who represent a generation of musicians who are able to merge musical worlds which were once separated. Composition, arrangement and styles of improvisation converge, contributing a rich palete of sounds to contemporary music. In this way we would like to take our audience on an artistic journey in the world of classical and contemporary jazz in the character of intimate yet exciting chamber music. In 2021 Chamber9 will release their first double-cd with all compositions of Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn. Arrangements are written by Axel Hagen.