Would you like to learn how to play violin? Do you think that your son or daughter has a great musical talent? Do you still think that you are too old to start playing an instrument?

Ángela offers violin lessons to all ages and levels in Het Wilde Westen (Utrecht Oog in Al) and De Kom Kunstencentrum (Nieuwegein). It is never too late to learn the violin technique! Both children and young people or adults can enjoy the benefits of playing an instrument. Ángela uses fun and effective methods, suitable for every student. You will develop therefore the musical sense, coordination, posture and finger technique.


Twice a year the teacher organizes open concerts for family and friends with piano accompaniment, so that from the very first moment the students work on the musical ear playing with other colleagues.

You can receive 30, 45 or 60-minute lessons a week. Lessons are given in Dutch, English or Spanish, and in Het Wilde Westen you can choose between two modalities: single lessons payment or 12-lesson pack payment with a 10% discount!

Make contact with Ángela to book a free trial lesson or ask any other question. Get ready!