Çisem Özkurt (violin 1)
Ángela Moya (violin 2)
Kardelen Buruk (viola)
Cèlia Torres (cello)

The ensemble Eudora Quartet, based in The Netherlands, is composed by four young string players from Turkey and Spain. The strange year 2020 brought them together to fight throughout the music for the gender equality with their particular vision about the repertoire for string quartet.

During the History of Music, female composers have been relegated into a secondary position within the society. Even taking into account their high musical education, most of the times was their activity linked to another male artist. Very often have they worked specifically for the big names, doing important tasks within the carreer of a father, a brother or a husband, while those male artists were taking all the public merits.

These women were always behind the curtains, and in many cases, once they were married, their fabulous musical skills were even more underrated or simply dissapeared.

Eudora Quartet wants to put the work of some of those women where they deserve to be: in the music halls. The public of our generation needs to listen to these precious pieces of art, in order not to repeat anymore the unequal treatment of the female gender within the arts.